Console or PC

Console or PC Gaming ? Xbox vs PS4 vs PC?


This is a question that is asked over and over again. There are also battles between console owners of which is better PS4 or Xbox!

I have been working with computers since the 90s and have had home computers and consoles since the 1980s.

The answer all boils down to what you need it for :

If you only play games and have a limited budget I would go for a PS4.

Why? Because its got great graphics, a huge library of games and is not much different to an xbox. If you have a bit extra go for the PS4 Pro as this has a few more advance features. Also PS4 we think has much better exclusive games like Spider-Man, Uncharted 4 and the Last of Us to name a few. Also the PS4 supports PC wheels like the Logitch G29, USB microphones like the Blue Yeti and also has built in support for capturing both audio and game footage together. Something the Xbox One lacks. Also the PS4 allows you to stream both to Youtube and Twitch. Again the Xbox only allows you to stream to Mixer and Twitch but only if you download the app. No Youtube support out of the box!

If you want to only play games , don’t want to stream to youtube directly but want a highend console which is close to PC graphics then go for an Xbox One. This is the fastest console on the market with some games that are enhanced to use extra features of the hardware. However if you stream a lot with commentary and you want to stream to Twitch or You Tube then you are better off getting a PS4 as the Xbox has no support for recording your voice for a capture and no built in support to stream to youtube. There is a twitch application but in our experience this is not great. However the only way to record your voice and capture game footage at the same time is to stream to Twitch or Mixer then Download the video. We have compiled a help video . See video below.

If you do a lot of work other than gaming, eg video editing, 3D animation etc then go for a PC as this will give you the best of both worlds. A PC is powerful but all depends on how much money you spend on the hardware. Granted you can get some really powerful cards but is it really worth paying lots of extra money for in our opinion small differences in quality and performance. We have an I7 32GB , SSD drive and RTX 2060 but we see little if any difference between games. We only recommend getting a PC if you can afford it and need to do extra work on it. One thing the PC is great at however is SImulaiton games especially flight sims and strtegy games. It Wins Hands down here.

Best Value for money


Best Streaming and Capture Support on a console


Best Console for Hardware support of Wheels and Micophones etc


Most Powerful Game Console 

Xbox One X 

Best Graphics Overall

Xbox One X (Can be PC if you spend a lot of money!)

Best for all round Gaming and Work


Best Exclusives on a console


Best For Simulation Games


Best For Strategy Games


Least Value for Money  regards High End Gaming