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Adventure Games have been around since the dawn of home computers. Originally adventures were mainly text based like the famous Hobbit Game released in 1982 on the ZX Spectrum. Nowadays adventure games like Rise of the Tomb Raider are huge open world games with many elements including fighting, crafting and puzzle solving.


Sports games are hugely popular, FIFA, Madden and NBA are franchises that are played by millions all over the world. Sports games are now being taken seriously by major sports including Formula 1 and Football where e-sports teams are now allowing gamers to be part of real life sports teams.


FPS Games or First Person Shooter Games have always been one of the most popular game genres. Wolfenstein and DOOM started the craze back in the 1980s allowing players to face each other online in human to human combat or PVP as it is now known. Not only for multiplayers but FPS are also single player stories where the aim is basically to shoot your enemies.

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

MMO games are huge online worlds where many many players interact with either the environment (PVE) or other players (PVP). These online worlds can be in space like No Man's Sky and Elite Dangerous or in fantasy lands like Final Fantasy or Black Desert Online. 

Racing Games

This also comes under Sports but as there are so many racing games we have decided to also categorise racing games in their own category, There are different types of racing games from car driving simulation, Formula 1, Nascar, Motorbike Racing to Rally Racing and More.  Racing Games are now fast becoming e-sports and many major sports teams are embracing this growing genre.

Simulation Games 

Simulation games cover a wide range of activities but mainly famous for Flight Simulation and Racing Simulaiton. SImulator games have been around since the beginnig of home computers when PSION released flight simulator on the ZX Spectrum. Simulation games are now more phot relaistic and complex than ever before. X-Plane is one such simulator which encompasses many real life controls and phsyics.

Strategy Games

Strategy Games come in 2 main areas. RTS (Real Time Strategy) and Turn Based. RTS Games like Command and Conquer, Age of Empires are played in realt time where both players make their moves at the same time and there is no waiting for onre to take a turn. Turn based strategy is where a player has to do all his tasks in one turn then end the turn and then various events play out. Both types of games can be played solo or multiplayer. There are many types of strategy games from building cities, controlling armies to managing a footbal team.

RPG (Role Playing Games)

Role playing games allow you to take the role of a character in a game and progress that character by levelling them up and gaining new skilles and equipment. RPGs can be played both online and offline. The Witcher 3 is one of the best games ever made is an example of an ROG game. Other RPG games include Divinity Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity

Fighting Games

Combat games wuch as Street Fighter, Mortal COmbat and Marvel vs Capcom. These were originally very popular in the arcade gfames in the early 80s and 90s.