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Car Racing Games

Racing games have a long history on both PC and Console. They have been featured on many platforms and have represented ccompetitions from F1, MotoGP, Nascar, Indy Car,Rallying, Superbikes, Motocross to the destruction devastation of Destruction Derby! As technology has progressed there is now little difference between watching a race on TV and watching it on a console and PC. The graohics are near photorealistic on some titles. Not only the grapohics but the physics have been modelled clse as possible to the real cars. Engine sounds add to the atmosphere and now online racing allows people to compete in competitions with players all over the world. Real racing drivers also use racing sims, its rumoured that Lando Norris, Max Verstappen use Iracing to practice and many titles are now e-sports including F1 2019 and Gran Turismo Sport. Which is the best? That all depends on what you want from a sim.

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Our Views on these Racing Games

Assetto Corsa (PC, Xbox One. PS4)

Assetto Corsa has a reputation of being one of the most accurate simulations out there. It has a decent amount of cars and more can be purchased via DLC. Despite it being an accurate simulator ther are a few things missing. There is no structured competion available for online player. No stats or race wins are recorded unless you use a mod like SRS. Single player game is very bland and not that interesting compared to F1 2019, Project Cars 2 and Raceroom. The setup interface is not that user friendly, if you use a gamepad on here it will work but is a nughtmare to calibrate properly. There are online multipplayer but these are not like Gran Turismo where it stores your stats on a server. You just join a game and race. If you want to track fastest laps and race history you need a mod which some players wont be bothered to want to install and get up and running. Also those stats wont be global but only to that mod you are using.
Last point of Assetto corsa is that it has alrge modding community. This also bring risks of poor quality stuff too as well as some great free cars. A great simulator but not enough for us to use this simulator regularly.Great thing about Assetto Corsa is its available on all the major platforms.

Dirt 4 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Dirt 4 offers over 50 off road cars both old and new and includescars like the Suburau WRZ STI NR4, Audi Sport Quattro and Fiest among them. There are optins for hard core sim games as well as the cusyual racer meaning you can adjust various options to suit how much realism you want from it. Theris is also a great training module in game called the Dirt Academy which helps fine tunes your skills and techniques. For creators out there Dirt 4 allows you to even create your own routes. COuntries inlcuded in the locations of the game are Australia, Spain, USA and Wales each with their oen challenges and road types.As well as the ususal career and multiplayer modes you can aalso take part in various challenges and a free roam area. You can also Pit yourself against the rest of the world in Daily, Weekly and Month-long Community Events, or compete in live ranked multiplayer in Pro Tour. Which to choose between Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 is hard but Dirt 4 offers a lot more options inthe game, some say Dirt Rally is a little more realistic but to be honest we didnt see much difference in terms of realism. We think Dirt 4 has slightly the better graohics and visuals and offers a lot more options.

Forza Motorsport 7 (PC, Xbox One)

Despite all the cool sounding menu music and promotions, Forza 7 in our opinion is not the best simulator on this list. Single Player has many options but the physics are very arcade like. Sometimes you dont feel the force of driving in yuour controller like you do with Gran Turismo. Graphics are nice but again not as good as Gran Turismo. Whats annoying about this game is all the silly setup options. You can use various things to make you car better but its overly confusing when all you want to do is race. The great side of Forza is the huge amount of cars available. Multilplayeroptions ar plentiful but so much devastation happens. They have tried to improve penalties but it still doesnt work as well as Gran Turismo. In Gran Turismo if a driver hits you deliberatley theyt get time penalties and are forced to slow down at a specific point on track. Forza doesnt have this. Also we couldnt see anywhere which details your driving record with regards to number of wins, pole positions etc. Plenty of stats on other stuff which doesnt seem that important. Its not a bad game but if you only had an xbox we would recommend Assetto Corsa instead or Project Cars 2.

IRacing (PC)

If you are after competitive racing with human players online and want your history to be kept then I-Racing is a popular choice. It is subscription based but good deals can be had. Iracing also boats some tf the sports profrssionsl drivers , all your stats are recorded and you have to progress through the ranks. Safety rating is also of vital importance as it stops mad players from ruining games and causing pile ups. If you are a bad driver you wont progress to the higher ranks. Many conmtrol methods are supported, plenty of options to set up the game the way you want to. Graphics are very good, physics are accurate and the sound is authentic. Basically if you can afford it and you want online racing against others and a record kept of your achievements this is for you.

Dirt Rally (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Another popular racing genre is the Rally one. If you go from a circuit/road race game like Project Cars to a Rally game you will immediately see the difference! Ther is a different skill involved in racing these beasts. Over a variety of different surfaces, snow, tarmac, gravel you not only have to drive fast but control the cars through some dangerous corners sometimes on hills, through water, on snowy iciy roads. Its a huge challenge. Dirt Rally is getting on a bit now and Dirt Rally 2 is out as well. Havingplayed Dirt Rally we give this the edge over the WRC Game. Just find that the physics are a little better. SIngle and multiplayer competitions are avaiable and youcalso have access to cars from different decades like the 70s and 80s. Its hard to master if you are used to playing normal racing games but very satifying when you get the hang of it. Cars and scenery are authentic, engine sounds are awesome and a great selection of cars. The graphics do look a bit dated inside the car but gameplay is still strong. If you want to drive over various terrains with a variety of cars this game is for you!

F1 2019 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

F1 2019 The only game with the official F1 license. Around for many years now on all platforms. The game has got better and better and no other game offers the full F1 teams and drivers like this title.The addition of F2 cars has been a popular choice with mnay gamers, however the F2 season is really short and even if you do badly you still go to Formula 1 straight away! The F2 season is very scripted too. They need to improve on this in future titles and offer a better experience with this story mode. It seemed rushed and put in as an after thought. The F1 career mode is there and you sign up for a team and race a season. However its not very realistic , you can get fired very easily and sometimes end up driving for multiple teams in a season. Even if you are a rookie you can get a drive with Ferrar after being fired from Williams!?? The race engineer in game is also really annoying and says the same thiong over and over even if its not relevant. He also seems to talk to you at critical moments like when turning around a difficult corner putting you off and making you lose conentration! Another irritating aspect of this game are the repetitve questions you get asked by the TV crew who are always in the same postion and the cameraman looks like robot. The questions are always the same and gets boring really fast! Gamewise the game feels good. PLenty of options to drive a number of cars from F1 modern day to F1 classics and F2. Plenty of options for single and Multiplayer gaming including career mode, just a championship season, F2 and time attack trials. The physics are good but if you use a pad then there semns to be no option to adjust steering lock and at monac you cant get round the corner very easily! There is arange of setup options but if you just want to race and get your engineer to setup the car there is no option to do this. A lot of players dont want to get bogged down with setups and just want to drive. They should introduce what is already in MotoGP19 where you get a guided setup and tell your enginner whats wrong and then he adjusts the car.Multiplayer is suprisingly free of a lot of Forza 7 like destruction, it still does exist but not as bad as we thought. There are ranked and unranked modes and a history is kept of your driving stats which is something lots of sim racers like to see. All in all a good game if you like F1 and only want to race F1 cars, there is no other game out there to givie it competion however as it has all the licenses for F1.

Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)

Without doubt one of the best racing simulators. Gran Turismo has been around fro many years. It has a great single player, great training tutorials which include videos of the tracks. Well polished menu, easy to navigate through the options and one of the best graphics of any sim. Frame rates are fast and no lag is noticeable at all. Multiplayer is in our opinion the best for a Non Subscription game. Race are organised daily and regulary, all your driver stats are saved online (you will need to access these via a web browser), e-sports is catered for as are many differetn types of competitions Also the FIA als lends its name to the Gran Turismo Championship which is a professional Gran Turismo Sport world championship eSports tournament, managed directly by Japanese game development studio Polyphony Digital and by French motorsport governing body FIA.The series uses the latest racing game Gran Turismo Sport, and the championship contains two series that are held concurrently throughout the year: the Nations Cup (entrants from their respective countries will represent them) and the Manufacturers Series (entrants will race for and represent their chosen manufacturer). The winners of each series are given prize money, a TAG Heuer watch, and a glass plaque, and are also honoured at the FIA Prize Giving Ceremony.

In our opinion either this is Assetto Corsa is the best racing game for Xbox one. Single player offers many competions to keep you going from quick races, championships and time trials. A huge option of cars to choose from, dynamic wetaher engine and very good physics.A quick multiplayer game howver is abit of a let down, unlike Gran Turismo and Forza where thre are races every 10 to 15 minutes or so, project cars multiplayer is based on players creating their own races with their own rules, there seems to be no organized racingt and we found it near impossible to get a quick game going online. On the plus size the classes of cars available is one of the best out there from open wheel indycars, LMP, Touring Cars, Road Cars, Vintae cars and more. Nice slection of tracks too. ANother plus is that are e-sports tournaments and e-sports rankings can be viewed online, another good point.Over 40 tracks are iincluded , famous tracks like Monza, Le mans, Silverstone and more. Also the tracks have varioations too for example at Hockenheim you have Classic Circuit,Grand Prix Circuit,National Circuit,RallyCross Circuit and Short Circuit. Another fine option in Project Cars is you setup guide, as mentioned earlier some players are not interesets in setting up a car and woud prefer a more guided setup. Like Motogp it offers the option to tell your engineer what your issues are, eg car slow in corners then he will recommend what to do. However its still not as good as MOTOGPS guided setup where the engineer acyually dfoes this for you , you still have to go into the setup menu and do the changes yourslef which is a shame, it would be better if they let the engineer do this! RAcing physics are good, AI is also good and you have the option of saving your replays, always good. If you have an Xbox this is one racing sim we recommend fopr that platform!

Project Cars 2 (PC, Xbox one, PS4)

Raceroom Racing Exprience

This has to have probably the best engine sounds of all games listed here. Simply awesome engine noise. Cars look great but perhaps the graphics lag a little behind the other sims on this list. THere are plenty of copetitions to enter, driver stats are stored online and there is a huge range of cars and tracks. ANother advantage of Racerrom is that you can play for free but if you want to drive a lot of the other cars in the game you will need to purchase some. They are not that expensive and you can buy packs which will save you money. Tracks can also be purchased and there is agood range of tracks available. Only available on PC at the moment. There is plenty of options for both single and multiplayer games, you can create cusutom races and add whatever cars you want.Inall ther are over 150 cars and over 40 tracks. Esports is also available.


Some swear by the physics of this game, however it seems very dated to us, menus look like they are from the early 2000s, the interface is just not that user friendly or polished. The physics are very good but there seems to be no structure to the game. Its more of a sandbox experience. There is online mode available too but these organised by leagues or games where you can just join in if it is open to join. Options to set up the game are pletniful, wheels and pads supported well. There is also a huge selection of cars and tracks available to download for free but a lot of the free stuff isnt that great , some of the cars look really bad. Its a great driving game but if you want more organised racing, modern day graphics, slick menus and have a PC I would rather go for I-Racing or Raceroom.