Games we remember most

Here at Console & PC Gaming we have been gaming since the late this article we going to go through the games that we remember without thinking too hard from the very first game we played to the very  latest. 

Binatone TV Master (Released 1976) 

The first game that we remember is Pong on the binatone TV system. 



It had a number of games built in, these games were basically pong and variations of pong so you'd have maybe a tennis game which would have a player on each side or you had football games that four total players. Basically, players were basically blocks and you had to move the ball between one side to the other and if the other person missed and the square ball went between the gap you scored a goal. As from the screen shot above there was Tennis, Footbal, Squash and Squash (Practice) 

The next game that we remember playing is the Atari asteroids game. Asteroids was about a small spaceship in the middle of an asteroid field and you had to basically destroy the Astros without being killed this of objective was may need to get a high score and the Astros became more and more faster as the game progressed the longevity of the game was ok but it did eventually get boring.  

Alongside the asteroids game we also remembering space Invaders . It was very big in the arcades which is why it was ported over . You control a cannon at the bottom of the screen which you had to use to destroy the incoming space invaders before they made their way down the screen. I'm sure everybody knows  space Invaders what is probably one of the granddaddy of all video games again as with asteroids it was fun at first but eventually it became a bit boring because the skill levels increased only when the space Invaders became faster and faster.

The next game that just comes into our heads when we think back is the game Star wars empire strikes back again on the Atari VCS and it was based on a scene from The Empire Strikes Back on the planet hoth where the AT AT walkers were attacking the rebel base it was quite good fun and the animation was good even though it was very simplistic.